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(C) 2000, 2001 Robin Mosier

Editorial Notes from
Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days

Published Quarterly by the Nebraska State Historical Society, Addison E. Sheldon, Editor. Vol. IV, October-December, 1921 No. IV.
Transcribed by Robin Mosier

(C) 2000, 2001 Robin Mosier

From former Representative George F. Smith of the State Bank of Waterbury, Dixon County, we are very glad to quote the following letter.

I have just recieved numbers one and two, VOl.IV, Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days in its new form and will say that I am delighted with it.

It came in my mail last night and I have read and re-read every word in them.

I think the magazine form or the publications is a decided improvement and every old settler and pioneer of this great state should have it.

I treked across the sate of Iowa from Illinois in a prarie schooner when a boy and landed here in Dixon County, Nebraska in the spring of 1873 and somehow I feel that I am a pioneer.

I don't see very much in the magazine, howeve, from this part of the state, but perhaps that is due to the extreme modesty of some of us old fellows and our reluctance to getting into print.

Many an interesting tale of early day occurences might be told if we would just refresh our memories a little. I might send you a little skit sometime if the publication of it would not discredit the magazine.

The Old Mormon Trail made by the company of that section who moved from FLorence to Niobrara- I fail to recall the year-and wtered there, passed through Dixon County.

I have followed it for miles through the prarie grass in an early day. I wish we could locate it now and place a marker somewhere on it.